Welcome to EntreComp Europe! 

Exploring how to introduce, develop and recognise entrepreneurial competences through youth work, education, employment, and enterprise. 

EntreComp Europe is a dedicated group of practitioners and organisations exploring how to inspire and be inspired to implement EntreComp through strategies and activities in their work and across their communities.  These communities are working in a variety of domains: lifelong learning, youthwork, schools, universities, employment support organisations, employers, businesses and with entrepreneurs to build skills for life.  

What are we doing? 

  • Building a community to spread the word about EntreComp 
  • Designing a national strategy to raise awareness and implement EntreComp 
  • Developing partner channels to develop new transnational collaborations around EntreComp through events and conferences 

To find out more about how EntreComp Europe can give you opportunities to connect, learn from others, participate in events or even get involved in piloting activities in your local community, join our communities!