EntreComp Badges

It’s time to get recognised for your entrepreneurial learning!

EntreComp Europe has designed a series of digital badges to recognise both individuals and organisations supporting or active in entrepreneurial learning anywhere in the world. Recipients of one of the EntreComp Badges will be able to increase visibility of their learning as part of the growing EntreComp Community, a home for individuals and organisations developing entrepreneurial competences through their work and actively using the EntreComp framework.

The badges are issued by Open Badge Factory and can easily be shared on your social media profile, websites – or even your CV – to share your skills and recognition with your network.

    How to claim

    To claim your own EntreComp badge, click on one of the badges below to discover the full pathway and, if you fulfil the requirements, apply to get yours! Application is a three-step process:

      1. Click on the badge you want to claim below and complete the form.
      2. Open the confirmation email in your inbox (we suggest checking your junk mail folder) and click on the badge link.
      3. On badge page, you can download your digital badge as a PDF or copy the share links on social media.

    There are currently two badge levels: supporter and explorer. In the coming months you will be able to be recognised through the EntreComp Practitioner and EntreComp Champion badges – stay tuned for more information.

      For individuals

      EntreComp Supporter

      Are you someone who wants to show that you support entrepreneurial learning?

      Simply click below to claim your badge and show that you are a member of the global community – of both educators and non-educators – who support entrepreneurial learning.

        EntreComp Explorer

        Are you already developing entrepreneurial competences through the work you do? Do you have a practice idea you are able to share on EntreComp Practice Map?

        Just click below to claim your badge. Complete your information and include a link to the practice you have shared on the EntreComp Practice Map. It will take ten minutes of your time, and we will include you in The EntreComp Yearbook supported by the European Commission.

          For organisations

          The EntreComp Badges for organisations are very similar – but intended for organisations, teams or projects that are interested in being recognised for their work.

          EntreComp Supporter Organisation

          Is your organisation or project actively supporting entrepreneurial learning?  Click below to claim your badge and make your team part of the global entrepreneurial learning community

            EntreComp Explorer Organisation

            Is your organisation already developing entrepreneurial competences through the work you do? Can you share a practice example on the EntreComp Practice Map?

            Click below to claim your badge – including a link to the practice you have shared on the EntreComp Practice Map. By doing this your organisation name will be included you in The EntreComp Yearbook supported by the European Commission. 

              EntreComp Practice Map

              The EntreComp Practice Map is an interactive map generated by our partners and community members. Search the map to find activities and organisations in your region working with EntreComp or use the search bar and filters to find projects in your context. To apply for the EntreComp Explorer badges you must include your practice on the map.

              How to add a practice example to the EntreComp Practice Map?

                1. Go to the EntreComp Practice Map
                2. Click on Add a Practice to fill out the information
                3. See your practice appear on the global map
                4. If you click on your practice, you can copy the URL and add this as evidence into your EntreComp Explorer badge


                Want more badges?

                These badges are part of an EntreComp Badge Pathway that many partners are involved in developing over the coming months. Join The EntreComp Community to keep up to date on the next open badges you can claim! Upcoming badges include:

                    • EntreComp Practitioner
                    • EntreComp Champion