In a rapidly changing world, we need ideas, opportunities and actions to create value for all. We need citizens with an entrepreneurial mindset in every part of society. 

Entrepreneurship is when you act upon opportunities and ideas and transform them into value for others. The value that is created can be financial, cultural or social.

EntreComp definition 2016 – developed by the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship / Young Enterprise

EntreComp creates a shared understanding of the knowledge, skills and attitudes that make up what it means to be entrepreneurial. It is a flexible reference framework designed to illustrate the competences that make up the entrepreneurship key competence, and to support and inspire actions to help develop this key competence in all areas of lifelong learning.  

It was designed by the European Commission and launched in 2016, and is now used in countries around the world. It defines three competence areas and beneath these are 15 competences, as you can see in the EntreComp flower below.   

Entrepreneurship is a competence for life. Being creative or thinking about how to do things in new ways is equally relevant to tackling social issues, progressing your career or coming up with new business ideas. Taking the initiative, mobilising others and getting them on board with your idea are useful skills when fundraising for your local sports team, or designing a community action to tackle climate change. Understanding how to put a plan into action and use finances wisely are relevant for your own life and for business planning in a small or medium-sized company (SME). 

How can EntreComp be used? 

The EntreComp framework can be used to map current provision, identify links to different skills or occupational frameworks, adapt and design new curricula, build competence-based recruitment models, identify the strengths a team needs to put an idea into action, and to recognise and validate the skills gained through a learning experience. 

How can I use EntreComp?  

Take a look at the EntreComp resources to help you build your entrepreneurial skills.