Online course to train teachers in co-operative entrepreneurship

EntreComp Europe partner Bantani Education shares details of the recently launched YOUCOOPE online training course.

Framed within the European Project YOUCOOPE, Bantani Education has developed, in collaboration with partners from five countries, a MOOC to train teachers in co-operative entrepreneurship and to encourage educational institutions to include the co-operative model in their curricula.

Tervuren, 8th February 2021. Bantani Education has launched a new online training on co-operative entrepreneurship framed within the European Project YOUCOOPE that, since last April, has been developing in collaboration with nine partners from Italy, Wales, Belgium, Spain and England.

Co-operative Entrepreneurship in Education: Tools and Resources is a short digital course oriented to secondary and university education professionals interested in understanding and introducing entrepreneurial education using the co-operative perspective. This Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) will provide them with knowledge, tools and didactic material to incorporate co-operative entrepreneurship concepts, skills and real-life experiences into their lessons.

Teachers interested in taking this digital training can sign up for free in the YOUCOOPE website and take the MOOC in English, Italian or Spanish, which will allow them to apply too for exclusive online workshops where they will be able to dive into co-operative entrepreneurial education, meet other educators with their same interests and learn new ways to introduce these methodologies in the classroom.

Both the online course, the downloadable digital content and the workshops for teachers of secondary and university level promoted by YOUCOOPE, take into account the EntreComp European Framework for the development of entrepreneurial skills, supported by the European Commission, that includes the so-considered essential softskills for the personal and professional future of youths.

Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism

The European Project YOUCOOPE: Co-operative Entrepreneurship for educatorsled by the  Santander International Entrepreneurship Center (CISE) from Spain in collaboration with Bantani Education and other nine institutions, will be focused on training the trainers so that they can motivate and boost entrepreneurship among European youths within the context of co-operative values as the tool to obtain the social and entrepreneurial skills that improve their employability.

The project is also looking to encourage educative institutions both at secondary and university level, to include the co-operative model in their curriculum and to boost it among young students and entrepreneurs all over Europe.

The resources generated during the project will also encourage educational institutions to look for collaboration with existing cooperatives at local level, so that young people can gain perspective on the importance and efficiency of this model, as well as facilitating the transition from the classroom to the working context and reinforce real-life experiences.

YOUCOOPE Project has a budget of over €230,000 and is co-financed by the European Commission. As well as Bantani Education (Belgium), the consortium is made up of another 8 institutions from five European countries: Co-operative College CI (United Kingdom), Ciudad Industrial del Valle del Nalón (Spain), Università degli Studi di Trento (Italy), European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises (Italy), Federazione Trentina della Cooperazione (Italy), Escuela Andaluza de Economía Social (Spain), University of Trento (Italy) y Awel Aman Tawe (Wales).