There are so many great projects that use or build upon the EntreComp framework, we are not the only project that wants to link this growing community of practitioners. So, let’s point towards some of the other engaged educators, businesses, organisations and friends of EntreComp!


Have a look at this new and also EU-funded project that will build the EntreComp360 platform, a one-stop-shop on everything around the framework. On EntreComp360 you will be able to

  • Network with your peers
  • Access guides to the framework for different groups including HR and recruitment, Youthwork and more
  • Find a database of resources to foster the EntreComp skills
  • Access free MOOC training courses on the EntreComp framework.

We encourage you to join the EntreComp360 communities of practice across various social media platforms:

We will also make use of these groups to share some of the ideas that develop out of EntreComp Europe!

There are plenty more great projects active who work on different aspects around building the EntreComp community, we will update this post whenever we hear of new ideas and when their websites are up and running!

In the meantime, reach out to us via any of the social channels above to tell us what you are up to!