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If you couldn’t join us for The EntreComp Playbook Open Space webinar with Lilian Weikert García and led by the EntreComp Europe Practice Pillar on Education and Youth Work, we have got some good news for you!

The latest EntreComp Europe Webinar is now available to watch online, we are also including the presentation slides and the Mural session to help you get the most from this event. Join Lilian Weikert García of Espacio RES and LaPlasita, co-author of The EntreComp Playbook to discover more about how to maximise opportunities to use the EntreComp framework within the education and youth work sectors.

The EntreComp Playbook is a webinar presented by the EntreComp Europe project, with Lilian Weikert García, co-author of the EntreComp Playbook which was published by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in 2020. It is an innovative collection of practices, tools and examples of how to activate EntreComp in the workplace. The 9 principles of EntreComp set out in the playbook have the potential to become a new methodology for building entrepreneurial skills – and can be applied equally by an individual planning their career or at system level to support an entire workforce. The publication aims to serve as a call to action for greater uptake of EntreComp and delivering on the goals of the European Skills Agenda. Also joining the webinar were project partners from Bantani Education, Conserjería de Economía, Ciencia y Agenda Digital (Junta de Extremadura), and the Turkish National Agency.

As part of the session, participants added their ideas to an interactive Mural, to answer three questions on the theme of enabling entrepreneurial education:

  1. Who do you work with? Who are your “learners”?
  2. Which methods, tools, or techniques do you use to create an entrepreneurial experience for your learners or beneficiaries?
  3. What are the two most important EntreComp competences for you?

The activity served as an opportunity for interaction as well as showing a “heat map” of learner types, tools, and most important competences, and can help inspire you to learn more about where and how EntreComp is used.


On the agenda

14:00 – Welcome & Introduction
Alexandra Yaghil – Bantani Education
Annabelle Favreau – Junta de Extremadura
Yasemin Koçak – Turkish National Agency

14:15 – Sharing Our Practices

14:40 – The EntreComp Playbook
Lilian Weikert García – Espacio RES & La Plasita

15:10 – Q & A Session and Closing

Download slides

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We hope to see you again soon for another Open Space webinar!

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