If you couldn’t join us for the webinar “The Entrepreneurial Employee – An EntreComp Europe Open Space webinar” with Martin Lackéus and led by the EntreComp Europe Practice Pillar on Employability and Enterprise, we have got some good news for you.

The EntreComp Europe Webinar is now available to watch online, we are also including the presentation slides to help you get the most from this event. Join Martin Lackéus of Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, one of the authors of The Entrepreneurial Employee to discover more about how and why you should use EntreComp and entrepreneurship in the workplace.

The Entrepreneurial Employee is a webinar presented by the EntreComp Europe project, with Martin Lackéus presenting an overview of what entrepreneurial employees do, why such behaviours are needed and how any employee can become more entrepreneurial. This is drawn from the recent EU report ‘The Entrepreneurial Employee in Public and Private Sector – What, Why, How’ published by the European Commission Joint Research Centre.

This is event was organised by EUROCHAMBRES, as part of their role in leading the EntreCompEurope project, co-financed by the European Commission COSME programme.

EntreComp Europe is dedicating to creating national communities of practice across Europe, to help you, your projects and your community get the best out of entrepreneurship education across different sectors. If you would like to join one of our existing Collaborative Communities, please follow the links below. If you would like more information, or are interested in setting up your own national community, you can reach the EntreComp Europe team at info@entrecompeurope.eu

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 Click the links below to watch, to download the webinar slides, or read the publication