If you couldn’t join us for Women in Entrepreneurship: inspired by EntreComp Open Space webinar with Eva Fabry and led by the EntreComp Europe Pra ctice Pillar on Enterprise and Employability, we have got some good news for you! 

The latest EntreComp Europe Webinar is now available to watch online, we are also including the presentation slides to help you get the most from this event. Join Eva Fabry, Director of the European Centre for Women and Technology – ECWT, to have a unique insight into her work with EntreComp through the UWAWME project exploring how entrepreneurial competences support women in STEM. This even was organised by EntreComp Europe partner Spanish Chamber of Commerce with support by project coordinator Eurochambres

Key topics of discussion during the event included: Supporting European Women in Technology – inspired by EntreComp’ – the case of uWaWMe, wider actions linked to entrepreneurial competences through EntreComp – the case of DIGA and WISE, and rebuilding the economy for the post-COVID era. As well as a presentation of the successful PAEM (Business Support Programme for Women, Spain) programme, which supports women through entrepreneurial ventures. 

We hope to see you again soon for another Open Spaces webinar. 

Click the links below to watch the webinar and download the webinar slides:

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