A Durham project based on collaboration and education of young people to creativity.

The Durham Commission established in 2017, is a joint research collaboration between Durham University and Arts Council England. The aim of the commission is to promote the development of the creative spirit and creativity in the education of young people. It is precisely with this will, that the Creativity Exchange Project has been created. 

Creativity is a broad term that encompasses many aspects, but this is how the Durham Commission understands it: 

  • Creativity: The capacity to imagine, conceive, express, or make something that was not there before. 
  • Creative thinking: A process through which knowledge, intuition and skills are applied to imagine, express or make something novel or individual in its context. Creative thinking is present in all areas of life. It may appear spontaneous, but it can be underpinned by perseverance, experimentation, critical thinking and collaboration. 
  • Teaching for creativity: Explicitly using pedagogies and practices that cultivate creativity in young people. 

Creativity Exchange aims to develop creativity in the broadest sense of the word for young people both inside and outside school. This project is an exchange space for school leaders, teachers, those working in cultural organisations, scientists, researchers, and parents to share ideas about how to teach creativity. 

On this platform, you can find a range of materials to help you think about teaching and learning for creativity. These resources are numerous and cover many topics such as leadership, digital, pedagogy, etc.. The strength of this platform is its collaborative aspect as well as the wide range of resources available from short articles to case studies and research results in the education sector.  

In addition to proposing complete contents, Creativity Exchange invites discussion using the #creativityexchange on Twitter. It is this collaboration and involvement of parents, education professionals, scientists, etc. that allows the platform to live and offer more and more resources. 

Creativity is one of the 15 skills that the EntreComp framework aims to develop in order to help you gain an entrepreneurial mindset. Projects such as Creativity Exchange allow younger generations to develop skills that are necessary and useful throughout their lives and to create value for others.  

If you want to know more about this project, visit their website or join the discussion on Twitter with the #creativityexchange. You can also discover more inspiring projects on entrepreneurship by consulting our document Inspiring Practices from across Europe