EntreComp: a practical guide is an adaptation of EntreComp Into Action (2018), and EntreComp: The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (2016), designed to be implemented in EntreComp Europe projects, and beyond.

What is EntreComp Europe?

EntreComp Europe is a COSME-funded project with partners in Belgium, Italy, Spain, Moldova, and Turkey with the goal of creating national and regional EntreComp communities and exploring how EntreComp can be used in youthwork, education, employment and enterprise. EntreComp is the European framework which identifies transversal competences that define an entrepreneurial mindset. These competences can be used to support entrepreneurial learning in different settings – corporates, SMES and start-ups, civil society, social economy, education, youth work, but also within the community and, more broadly, as individual and citizens. Entrepreneurship competences are increasingly recognised as competences for life, relevant to personal development and fulfilment, finding and progressing in employment, as well as initiating new ventures ranging from community campaigns, social enterprises to new start-up businesses.

What is EntreComp: a practical guide?

Communication and collaboration are key aspects of any entrepreneurial project, and since EntreComp Europe spans across five countries, so too do the people we work with and want to reach out to and engage. This, in turn, means that project partners and stakeholders work in five languages,  as well as English. In order to encourage fruitful discourse, and the chance to get the most out of EntreComp, five translations were created. This ensures that no one is left behind, since the majority of EntreComp, and wider entrepreneurial education, resources are only available in English.

The publication is designed to be easy to access for users at all levels of familiarity with EntreComp, which can seem daunting on first view. The EntreComp Framework is broken down into 3 competence areas, 15 competences, 60 threads, 8 progression levels, totalling  442 learning outcomes. By following the specific learning outcomes, not only can you spot your current strengths and weaknesses, but also find what you need to take it to the next level, or of course how to guide the communities and individuals you work with on their entrepreneurial journey.


How can I use EntreComp: a practical guide?

There are several aspects of EntreComp: a practical guide which can help you to get the most from the EntreComp framework, in an accessible format, including a progression model, examples of who EntreComp is for, advice on how to achieve your goals, and tips on how to get started. This advice culminates in a detailed explanation of the 442 learning outcomes, organised by competence and level.

The translations of EntreComp: a practical guide have already been successfully used by our partners on a national level for community member workshops. These workshops focused on ensuring participants realised how they were already developing EntreComp competences in their learners or beneficiaries but without realising or calling it as such. Other activities included case studies examining EntreComp goals and competences, sparking debate on how it could be further applied into the participants’ organisations and networks.

The translations are key to attract new members to the national communities, especially in countries such as Moldova and Turkey where EntreComp is less well known and there are not as many local publications. It has, therefore, become a vital tool for these communities.

EntreComp Europe is dedicating to creating national and regional communities of practice across Europe, to help you, your projects and your community get the best out of entrepreneurship education across different sectors. If you would like to join one of our existing Collaborative Communities, please follow the links below, or head to our Community page. If you would like more information, or are interested in setting up your own national community, you can reach the EntreComp Europe team through our Contact page.

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