EntreComp Europe Open Space Webinar – Badgee Platform

This month we were delighted to welcome Amal Mahious, from Wallonie Emploi formation SPW, and Julie Carienelli, from Sowalfin Creation, to discuss their inspiring work with their platform Badgee. Sowalfin has created Badgee as a platform to support and promote competence for young people, helping them enhance their entrepreneurial competences through interactive and engaging online learning. With the world focused on the formal and academic aspects of education, people don’t believe they have the necessary skills, ability, and knowledge to launch their projects. That’s where Badgee comes in, picking up where formal education left off to show people they have the entrepreneurial attributes needed to succeed and enable them to share their competence with others.

Badgee invites you on an adventure as a traveller setting out to conquer the world with a storyline designed to encourage creative ideas and keep your motivation until the end. Sowalfin has broken the EntreComp competences into small interactive activities that test and improve students’ competence. After completing the tasks, each student is given a badge representing the competences they have developed. The progress badge is recorded on their personal virtual compass, which tracks and displays their progress.

Bagdes can be easily included on a CV, clearly displaying to employers student experience and ability in competences such as creative thinking, problem solving and teamwork, among many more. The badgee’s can also be validated by colleagues, employers, and wide ranging external stakeholders directly through their email, boosting the badge’s value as a more authentic certificate to showcase on your CV.

Badgee is a trailblazer in entrepreneurial education, using technology in a fun and interactive way to connect with students and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. We look forward to seeing the evolution of Badgee and the impact it will make on the lives of young people everywhere.

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