EntreComp Turkey collaboration in online study visit for Jean Monnet Scholars

On 28th September 2021, young graduates who completed their studies in 2019-20, and 2020-21 under the Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme were invited to meet in an online Brussels Study Visit. Organised by the Directorate of EU Affairs at Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, more than 300 final year students and recent graduates of European universities joined the virtual event, as such trips continue to be affected by the pandemic.

The study visit was a chance for young people to learn about the relationship between Turkey and the EU, and network with their peers.

Seval İskender, EU Affairs Manager at EntreComp Europe partner TOBB Brussels Representation was invited to speak at the conference. During a panel session, Seval introduced how to use EntreComp in career planning, a valuable resource for young people starting out in the job market, and the benefits this innovative framework can bring to Jean Monnet scholars as the embark on their professional careers whether in Turkey or Europe.

Congratulations to the organising team for a successful event, we hope that the participants took valuable advice for the experts. We invite those who attended, or any other interested in connecting with fellow EntreComp enthusiast to join the EntreComp Turkey community on Facebook, which is supported by TOBB and the Turkish National Agency. EntreComp Europe has also produced a practical guide to EntreComp, which is available in Turkish as ‘EntreComp: Pratik Bir Rehber’.

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