EntreCompEdu Café

EntreComp Europe presents: EntreCompEdu Café!

You might already know EntreCompEdu, an Erasmus+ co-funded project which included the collaboration of EntreComp Europe partners Bantani Education and Materahub, along with others from Spain, the UK, Finland, Belgium, and Macedonia. EntreComp Europe is now excited to continue the core goal of the project of developing teachers’ entrepreneurial education skills by hosting monthly EntreCompEdu Café online sessions through the networks and partners in EntreComp Europe.

EntreComp Spain has been fundamental in developing these sessions, and will continue to hold monthly meetings in Spanish where an expert will share their practices, and give everyone the chance to give feedback, share ideas, and network. These meetings are intended for educators, but everyone is welcome to join, so long as you are eager to learn more about EntreComp.

EntreCompEdu Café in English with also run monthly from Autumn. Stay tuned to EntreComp Europe on social media for details. In a truly international spirit, we also invite you to discover EntreComp Arab Café, organised by a graduate of the EntreCompEdu online training course and bringing together Arab-speaking experts to discuss implementing EntreComp in their own communities.

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You can catch up with any EntreCompEdu sessions that you missed, including those previously hosted by EntreCompEdu, in the playlists below.

We hope you will be able to join an upcoming EntreCompEdu café soon!

EntreComp Europe is dedicating to creating national and regional communities of practice across Europe, to help you, your projects and your community get the best out of entrepreneurship education across different sectors. If you would like to join one of our existing Collaborative Communities, please follow the links below, or head to our Community page. If you would like more information, or are interested in setting up your own national community, you can reach the EntreComp Europe team through our Contact page.

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