Featured image of My Sister Project from Wanhaber 


During the third Open Space event of the Employment and Enterprise Pillar of EntreComp Europe, TOBB and Habitat presented My Sister Project to attendees, further spreading the project aims to the EntreComp Türkiye Collaborative Community. EntreComp Europe: Pratik Bir Rehber is the Turkish language version of the EntreComp Framework within a context of the EntreComp Europe project, and is available to download from the project website, and we encourage projects based in Turkey to make full use of it.

My Sister Project is a Turkish project that was created in 2018 with the aim to strengthen women to take an active role in regional economic development, their economic and social position, and participation to economic vitality. In order to do this, the project leaders are equipping women with the necessary information and knowledge to succeed. My Sister is implemented by the partnership of the Union of Chambers And Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) , HabitatCoca-Cola Turkey and Istanbul Technical University. This project is for women between 18- and 55-years old living in Turkey. 

Educational content is provided for managing personal financial resources, increasing and supporting entrepreneurship awareness and supporting the right use of information technology services.  

My sister project covers four curricula: 

  • Financial Awareness Curriculum 
      – Financial Literacy for Individuals 
      – Practical Basic Finance 
  • Informatics Curriculum 
      – Digital Literacy 
      – Parental Informatics Security 
  • Communication Curriculum 
      – Internet Advertising 
      – Mobile Photography 
  • Entrepreneurship Curriculum 
      – Entrepreneurship Trainings for Refugee Women 

In addition to these educational contents, experiences will be shared by bringing participants together with inspiring women who are role models in their fields. It is precisely the role of the ‘Inspiration Meet-Ups with Women Entrepreneurs’ that is organised in order to create networks. 

My Sister Project has already helped more than 55,000 women in 81 Turkish cities since its creation. Among these inspiring women is Rusen Cetiner, a restaurant owner from Mersin. After training with the big names in the field, she decided to return to her hometown, to open her own restaurant. It is at this moment that an NGO informed her of the existence of My Sister Project. Cetiner decided to participate in the project and passed all the selection stages. She then became one of the winners of My Sister Project in 2019. The financial aid she received enabled her to hire more employees but also to buy equipment for her restaurant. This is what Cetiner told TRT worlda Turkish news channel,  at the beginning of January 2021  

“Thanks to this grant, I was able to grow my business, to hire more women, and to continue my training as a chef, while more training sessions gave me awareness of how to run and promote my business.” 

In order to continue to grow and help thousands of women living in Turkey My Sister Project will implement the EntreComp Europe reference framework in 2021. This framework, which promotes entrepreneurship as a lifelong learning skill, fits perfectly with the objectives of My Sister Project. As TOBB is the Turkish partner of EntreComp Europe, the link between the two projects, which share the same values, was self-evident.