European Chambers Showcase – EntreComp Europe: outputs to oversee

Curated by Unioncamere Europa, the latest issue of Mosaico d’Europa newsletter focused on issues related to Eurochambres – the association of European Chambres of Commerce and Industry, and EntreComp Europe lead partner. The newsletter featured a profile of the EntreComp framework and EntreComp Europe national communities. Here’s what they said about the project (translated from the Italian):  

In 2016, the European Commission developed ‘EntreComp’, the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework that identifies 15 competences in three key areas. Of all the European projects employing the framework, EntreComp Europe is particularly worth mentioning: the meta-project‘s first output was to map the European initiatives for the deployment of the tool identifying three main areas of work or domains and founding five national collaborative communities (Belgium (Wallonia), ItalyMoldovaSpain and Turkey). Addressed to professionals and organisations, each community explores, through a cross-fertilization rationale, how to promote the deployment of EntreComp. The communities focus on developing entrepreneurial skills in people’s daily lives across sectors: from youth work, education, employability to entrepreneurs and enterprises. Launched in 2020 and financed by COSME, this three-year project’s outputs deserve to be overseen. Besides the creation of new initiatives and financial channels, the enhancement of EntreComp national collaborative communities is expected to define assessment paths and certifications through open badges and to support the collaboration with employment agencies. Already forthcoming are two publications: the How-to toolkit and EntreComp Europe: A Practical Guide. As project coordinator, EUROCHAMBRES has already involved many chamber partners, namely the Turkish Chamber (TOBB), the Spanish Chamber, the Moldovan Chamber and CCIAA Basilicata.  

The original article (Italian), of which this translation is a fragment, can be found below. Thank you to our project partner Materahub for sharing this news on the EntreComp Italy Collaborative Community group.