Featured image from Générations Entreprenantes

As the EntreComp Europe Collaborative Communities continue to grow, we want to take a more in depth look at some of the fantastic entrepreneurial projects running in our partner countries and already using EntreComp. First up is Belgium, and specifically the French-speaking Walloon region, where EntreComp Belgique works with SPW. There you will find Générations Entreprenantes of the SOWALFIN Group.

What is Génération Entreprenantes?

Générations Entreprenantes is a pedagogical tool which aims to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and to engage with young Walloons. SOWALFIN itself supports Walloon companies and SMEs, from raising awareness on what being entrepreneurial means to financing, support, and guidance. Its role is to create a link between the different parts of the ecosystem and the different levels of education, targeting students from primary school to higher education. Through this project, young Walloons can live experiences off the beaten track by expressing their creativity, taking initiatives, working in teams.

How does Génération Entreprenantes use EntreComp?

Générations Entreprenantes and EntreComp Europe both share the same goal of promoting entrepreneurial skills. The use of this competence framework is therefore a logical step in the evolution of Générations Entreprenantes. The goal is to raise awareness of entrepreneurial mindsets through the integration of soft skills to support educational institutions in the development of their own entrepreneurial strategy.

What are the benefits of using EntreComp?

According to Génération Entreprenantes, the first advantage of using EntreComp, is that it is common and harmonised for all the Member States of the European Union, which facilitates the exchange of practices. Secondly, the framework has been subject to extensive analysis and therefore reflects best practices in the field of entrepreneurial skills. This in-depth analysis completes the research carried out by Générations Entrepenantes. Furthermore, beyond its global aspect, EntreComp makes it possible to integrate skills that will be useful throughout life and not only in a school setting. It is interesting for Générations Entreprenantes to create bridges between school and work based education, which EntreComp enables.

From a concrete point of view, EntreComp is the DNA of Générations Entreprenantes and is reflected into their actions. For example with Badg’ee, a platform on which you can collect badges that represent each of the EntreComp competences through different activities (On Stage, UStart, j’entrepends@school,…). This collection of skills can then be printed and attached to a CV for example and becoming an asset in the job search, and a tangible representation of skills for the young person as well as a small reward for their hard work

Would you like to know more about projects across Europe successfully making use of the EntreComp framework? You can already read about 15 of them in our case studies booklet “Inspiring Practices”. If you have a project you would like to share with us, then you are welcome to tell us more details via our survey, or get in touch with us directly via email at info@entrecompeurope.com