EntreCompEdu 2022 has now finished

Join EntreComp Europe as the project brings back the popular EntreCompEdu OnIine Teacher Training course to develop teachers’ entrepreneurial education skills, updated for 2022.

After a successful run in 2021, the EntreCompEdu Teacher Training course will be delivered in Spring 2022 by EntreComp Europe, a project co-funded by the COSME programme of the European Union. It builds upon the resources created by EntreCompEdu, which was co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

EntreCompEdu supports educators to design and deliver entrepreneurial education – with a 93% approval rating from teachers who completed the pilot phase. Through this free online continuing professional development course, teachers at all levels will be guided by an expert mentor through the course materials and tasks to develop their entrepreneurial education skills.

Registration is now closed

Thank you to the 700 people who registered, we hope to run the course again soon.

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What to expect

By registering, and completing the course, you will develop your entrepreneurial education skills such as teaching through real-world contexts, creating an empowering learning environment, and encouraging self-awareness. The course is self-paced, with all resources, tasks and materials available from day one, with an expected 25 to 30 hours of study time. You will also be guided by experts in entrepreneurial education who will be on hand through the online forum and through weekly online café sessions to help support and guide you through all five modules over the course of your 10-week learning journey.

At the end of the course, you will join our EntreCompEdu Teacher Pioneers with the skills and competences to design and deliver entrepreneurial education in your classroom. Successful course-completers will also receive a digital badge and certificate to certify their work.

Over 700 learners from 52 countries engaged in the last two phases of the EntreCompEdu training across 7 languages: Flemish, Finnish, Italian, Macedonian, Spanish, Welsh and English. For the current course, our mentors will be on hand to provide support in English and Spanish.

The course

EntreCompEdu is formed or five training modules, in addition to the framework developed for educators and based on the European Union entrepreneurial competence framework EntreComp.

Module 1 – Entrepreneurial knowledge and understanding

The first module will introduce the EntreComp framework and discuss the knowledge and understanding teachers and trainers need to teach entrepreneurial skills. It also explains why entrepreneurial education is essential and how teachers can show that they value its relevance in their practice.

Module 2 – Planning and organising entrepreneurial learning environments

The second module of the course describes the factors that need to be considered when planning and organising entrepreneurial learning environments, including the interdisciplinary nature of entrepreneurial learning and ethical and sustainability concerns. It will also give hints towards creating a stimulating learning environment.

Module 3 – Teaching and training

The third module provides an overview of the teaching and learning strategies to support entrepreneurial education, focusing on giving real-world contexts to motivate students providing motivation to see the relevance of their learning beyond the classroom. This module also share guidance on teaching through project-based learning and promoting observation and collaboration.

Module 4 – Assessment

The fourth module describes the kind of assessment practices that are appropriate for and support entrepreneurial learning. This includes outlining why educators assess and highlights the importance of integrating assessment through the learning process, with practical suggestions to address the challenges of assessment.

Module 5 – Professional learning and development

The fifth and final module describes the role of professional learning and development in supporting educators’ entrepreneurial competences. It highlights the importance of self-evaluation, the use of research and building professional networks. This module uses the principles of deliberate practice and critical reflection.

Register now to secure your place on the EntreCompEdu Online Teacher Training course by completing the registration form. You will receive a confirmation email once your registration has been submitted. Further details of how to access the course materials and tasks, as well as how to get in touch with your mentor, which will be hosted on the LoopMe learning platform, will be provided on 1st March. If you have any questions, please contact entrecompeduonline@bantani.com.

We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues and your network interested in entrepreneurial education, especially if you are already an EntreCompEdu Teacher Pioneer.

For more information about EntreComp Europe, please visit the project website. You can also follow EntreComp Europe on Twitter or join one of the Facebook Groups. EntreComp Europe is co-funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union.  

For more information about EntreCompEdu, please visit the project website. You can also follow EntreCompEdu on Twitter or join the Facebook Group. EntreCompEdu was co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.