As the EntreComp Europe project comes to a close after three exciting years delivering entrepreneurial education training and activities in Belgium, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Moldova and beyond, the project partners take an opportunity to share several publications created during this project. We hope that these resources will provide useful insights and inspiration for your own entrepreneurial learning journey.

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Inspiring Practices from across Europe 

Published November 2020  

Inspiring Practices from across Europe is a compendium of selected projects that have adapted and implemented the EntreComp framework and its key competences for their own needs and purposes. The five national EntreComp Europe Collaborative Communities have contributed to this mapping exercise with case studies on some of their own projects, practices, tools and learning programmes. Through these inspiring practices, the aim is to inform the wider public on how EntreComp is currently being used across Europe, and to inspire others engaged in entrepreneurial learning development to seek, design and implement the EntreComp Framework. 

EntreComp: A Practical Guide

Published November 2020 

EntreComp: A Practical Guide is a partial adaptation, and later translation, of two key EntreComp publications: ‘EntreComp into Action: get inspired, make it happen’ and ‘EntreComp: The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework’. This publication aims to highlight key aspects of the EntreComp Framework and adapt them to the realities of the project. Key in this work were the translations carried out by project partners, allowing the guide to be used during local events especially were resources in local languages are not as readily available. 

This publication is available in all project languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Turkish. 

Pocket Guide for Aspiring Entrepreneurs 

Published December 2022 

The Pocket Guide for Aspiring Entrepreneurs was published in connection with Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. With detailed analysis of the three core section of the EntreComp Framework, and a variety of handy tools the Pocket Guide represents a further step in informing, promoting and inspiring the development of entrepreneurial learning based on EntreComp. It targets primarily young entrepreneurs, within or outside existing ventures. 

The Youth Workers’ Competence Framework for Entrepreneurial Learning 

Published December 2022 

The Youth Workers’ Competence Framework for Entrepreneurial Learning aims to provide and entrepreneurship competence framework for youth workers thus supporting youth workers and youth trainers to deliver entrepreneurial competences through their local and international activities. It focuses on the most essential competences to support youth workers on youth entrepreneurship through their activities. It includes competences which are needed to prepare, implement, and evaluate entrepreneurship activities nationally/internationally in the field of youth work. 

Learning Materials on Employability 

Published September 2022 

Learning Materials on Employability presents a compilation of flexible learning materials, for adult trainers and educators, that can be incorporated in a curriculum or a training course. They are intended to work around a range of existing materials as a complement, in order to develop the EntreComp competences. They can also be used as inspiration for trainers, to open up ideas of why and how the EntreComp competences should and could be embedded into training for employability. 

My Entrepreneurial Self: Recognition/Assessment tool to support recognition of EntreComp Competences for young people through youthwork 

Published September 2022 

The report on the ‘My Entrepreneurial Self’ project discusses the objectives, resources, audience and implementation of this recognition and assessment tool including an analysis of the tool development and testing. The project developed an EntreComp self-assessment tool for youth which was adapted and tested with young people to explore feasibility and to explore whether it is feasible to provide a practical and useful self-evaluation for  young people as a learning experience. 

Teacher Focus Group: Final Report 

Published August 2022 

The report on the ‘Teacher Focus Group’ discussed the objectives, resources, audience and implementation of this recognition and assessment tool including an analysis of the group development and activities. This included the development of the pick and mix suite of learning materials to be piloted across secondary schools and VET centres – testing new and adapting existing teaching and assessment practices. It draws from the EntreLearn Toolkit. 

Integrating EntreComp into Lifelong Learning: Collated national and transnational practices 

Published July 2022  

Continuing from the previously published ‘Inspiring Practices’, Integrating EntreComp into Lifelong Learning: Collated national and transnational practices presents twelve entrepreneurial projects, tools and organisations to drive the implementation of EntreComp as a tool for lifelong learning, to place a focus on the transversal skills needed to be entrepreneurial citizens creating social, cultural, and economic value for others through their actions. Through these inspiring national and transnational practices, the aim is to inform the wider public on how EntreComp can be used, and to inspire others engaged in entrepreneurial learning development to seek, design and implement the EntreComp Framework. 

Collaborative Community Strategy: Data analysis and country strategies (Belgium, Italy, Spain, Moldova, Turkey)

Published March 2021, Revised April 2022 

Collaborative Community Strategy contains information about each national community: Belgium, Italy, Spain, Moldova, and Turkey. It analyses the communities, their composition, their members, and their knowledge and use of the EntreComp framework. The objectives of the strategies of each partner country will be outlined, as well as the actions to achieve the objectives of each community.

The EntreComp Community Platform 

Published March 2022 

The EntreComp Community Platform presents the rationale and development behind the entrepreneurial learning platform with the same name. the report details how the platform was developed, how it is tailored to the needs of EntreComp Europe and describes the features available to all community members. 

EntreComp Open Badges: Recognising entrepreneurial practice 

Published September 2021 

Created by the EntreComp Europe Pillar for Assessment and Recognition, EntreComp Open Badges: Recognising entrepreneurial practice details how during the first years of the EntreComp Europe project, the project team worked for the design of assessment and recognition pathways to enable the acknowledgement of the EntreComp competences. It serves as a guide for organisations and projects looking to promote the EntreComp Framework and support its use. 

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