EntreComp: a practical guide

EntreComp Europe is pleased to share with you adapted translations of the EntreComp Framework, and EntreComp Into Action publication. The content of “EntreComp: a practical guide” has been selected to best represent the project, and it’s real-world applications. This has then been translated by the EntreComp Europe partners. “EntreComp: a practical guide” is free to download, share, and use, when credit is given to EntreComp Europe. Take a look at all of the language versions below.

EntreComp Europe: Inspiring practices from across Europe

Are you looking to find more information about the real-world applications of the EntreComp Framework? Look no further than “EntreComp Europe: Inspiring practices from across Europe”, a compendium of fifteen case studies, a cross-sector an pan-European perspective of how to employ the EntreComp Framework.

Other recommended resources

Here is a selection of EntreComp and entrepreneurial education resources to improve your own entrepreneurial competences. Are we missing something interesting? Why not get in touch with us via the contact form.