It’s time to get recognised for your interest in entrepreneurial learning, for the work you do or the change you are creating in this field…

Claim your EntreComp Badge – there are different badges for all levels!

What are the EntreComp Badges?

EntreComp Badges are about recognising anyone who wants to be part of building an inclusive and diverse community of people and organisations involved in entrepreneurial learning. These awards are about celebrating those who are starting out as well as those who are further along in how they contribute to supporting entrepreneurial learning and the use of EntreComp.

These badges are being implemented as part of a wider initiative of the European Union to support the implementation of EntreComp and were originally designed and tested through the EntreComp Europe project co-financed by the COSME programme of the European Union.

It brings you or your organisation into the growing network of practitioners, organisations and policymakers who are a part of The EntreComp Community.

The badges include recognition at four levels:

  • Supporter – showing your interest in the use of EntreComp to underpin entrepreneurial learning
  • Explorer – exploring and testing how to use EntreComp through their work
  • Practitioner – actively using EntreComp to underpin entrepreneurial learning across different areas of their work
  • Champion – using EntreComp as a supporting tool to transform entrepreneurial learning policy or practice within and beyond their organisation

Everyone who receives an award at any level will be celebrated through a badge in the EntreComp Community Platform and through your name featured in our global Yearbook.

Do you think your practice or policy is transformative? Does it help to create change beyond your immediate work environment? Then apply for the Champion level, and you could be invited to a formal awards ceremony where your award will be presented.

A recipient that has been granted an award at any level gains access to a world of like-minded people and a network that spans Europe and the globe!

Connect, learn, share, get recognised!

If you have any questions or need help with your application please contact

EntreComp Supporter

If you are just starting out your journey in supporting entrepreneurial learning, and want to show your interest, the EntreComp Supporter award is for you. This is a fully open and instantly accredited award. This means that all you need to do is just apply and your award will be instantly available to share.

EntreComp Explorer

Are you already developing entrepreneurial competences in others through your work? Do you have a practice example that you are able to share on EntreComp Practice Map? If so, the EntreComp Explorer award is the one for you! For this award you must demonstrate previous experience in supporting the development of entrepreneurial competences. This could be through a project, report, tool or initiative. If you’re not sure that your experience qualifies, we suggest submitting an application for this badge and the admin team will review your application and get in touch, if they have any questions.

EntreComp Practitioner

If you are actively using EntreComp to underpin entrepreneurial learning across different areas of your work, then the EntreComp Practitioner award is for you.

It recognises those who are actively using EntreComp to guide or support entrepreneurial learning practice across any area of lifelong learning. The online application asks you to describe two examples of your practice or policy actions:

  • the rationale for your work
  • how it is being implemented
  • the value you are creating through this work
  • what you have learned through the experience

EntreComp Champion

Being an EntreComp Champion is something really special. Not all applications to become a Champion will be approved. We are looking for the best and brightest in the sphere of entrepreneurial learning. Do you think you have what it takes?

It recognises those who are implementing practice or policy that is transformative – creating change beyond your immediate work environment. This application asks you to describe two examples of your work (as in the practitioner application), plus goes further to ask how you or your organisation are:

  • evaluating progress and understand the impact of your work
  • sharing your work with others through different channels
  • influencing others to transform policy and/or practice beyond your organisation.

All Champion applications will be reviewed and awarded by the EntreComp Champions Jury – made up of change-makers in the field of entrepreneurial learning. Champions will be invited to join an exclusive online network, have their work featured in the champions gallery, and attend the EntreComp Champions Award Ceremony.